A Guide To Tile And Grout Cleaning Service Ithaca

There are many types of tiles available nowadays. The method of tile cleaning will depend more on the tile type. However there are couple of things to be followed to add the sheen and glow of the tiles. Do the regular floor cleaning, Clean the spills as soon as they occur. It is very crucial to clean dirt and water too as soon as they are split to prevent the stains. Place a doormat which helps in reduction of mud or dirt entering through footsteps. There are basically following tile floors where in one will use the tile and grout cleaning process, types of tiles are as follow -Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone.

Porcelain Tile cleaning-Porcelain tiles maintenance is not difficult if the surface is cleaned regularly. The surface can be vacuum cleaner every day or just sweep it. The wet mopping is required once in a week. Use of mild floor cleaners will do for the mopping. One can make it at home by mixing vinegar and water.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning-The rule is followed here as well; remove the dirt as soon as possible. Vacuum clean the tiles every day or a simple broom can be used. Plain water or the special ceramic tile cleaners can be used for the wet mopping. Click here onĀ Tile And Grout Cleaning

Stone Tile Cleaning-One need to be careful while cleaning the tiles made of stones as they are natural minerals. Never use harsh floor cleaners. Sweep or vacuum clean. After using any floor cleaner use a dry mop to soak any type of liquid residue.

Grout Cleaning-Along with the tile cleaning it is very important to regularly clean the grout, i.e. the lines between the tiles. Hence tile and grout cleaning goes simultaneously. Grout is porous in nature and attracts dirt, grease etc. The surface looks shabby if the grout is unclean. It can also be a cause of mildew or mould in the damp areas like bathrooms. It is best to have a seal (color or clear) on the grout which will not only protect the surface but also acts as an anti-fungal agent.